A letter from the CEO

Maxxam’s fourth annual Corporate Responsibility Report is a combination of established traditions and new territory. Much like in previous years, we continue to share our industry-leading commitment to transparency and accountability. We keep on sharing with our customers, employees and partners the “real life” stories and proof points around our six guiding principles for corporate responsibility: leadership and governance, value creation for customers, advancement of science and industry, fairness and opportunities for employees, respect for the environment, and contributions to our communities.

But we’re also exploring new avenues of communication. The 2014 version of our report is our first “digital only” issue. A combination of customer feedback, environmental concerns and the economic realities of our times have prompted the decision to forgo printed copies.

Which brings me to one of the main messages I would like to share with you. 2014 has not been an easy year for many businesses in Canada, in particular ones like ours and many of our customers who are closely tied to the energy sector. Plummeting oil prices have had a significant impact on our industry, one that is likely going to be felt for months and possibly years to come.

Companies, and the people who run them, deal with challenging situations in different manners. Some might stick their heads in the sand and hope things will pick up again sooner than expected. Others might go into full “flight” mode, triggering massive rounds of lay-offs, cutting corners, eliminating employee programs etc.

At Maxxam, we chose a different route. We believe that in challenging times, it is absolutely crucial to not lose sight of the corporate vision that has united us as a company for many years: to become the clear choice for analytical services and solutions.

For us, this means we never waiver from our commitment to health and safety, ensuring that our employees and partners go home safely, every day. It means focusing on quality assurance and making sure we provide our customers with 100% reliable, defensible data. And most importantly, it means preserving and nurturing Maxxam’s key asset: our team of talented individuals who go out of their way every day to help our customers be successful in their business.

We also continue to explore new ways to become leaner in our operations. We are re-energizing our Continuous Improvement and Kaizen initiatives. We consistently search for and eliminate inefficiencies in our processes.

It is in times like these that I truly appreciate the strong relationships we have built with our customers. Countless conversations in recent months have resulted in even stronger partnerships and a commitment to work together through the challenges we are all facing. Combined with the full support of our parent company Bureau Veritas, I have no doubt that Maxxam will emerge from the current economic situation stronger than ever before – and hopefully well on our way to become your clear choice for analytical services and solutions.

Jon Hantho


2.4 million
44 million
Test results

Value creation for customers

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, ranging from the oil & gas sector, to the environmental and food industries, to pharmaceutical and DNA. The thread that unites Maxxam’s lines of business is our relentless drive to create value for all customers and to help them be successful in their business.

Our core values continue to be the foundation of everything we do

Do the right thing, always.
Work as a team.
Make it better.
Results matter.

Advancing Science and Industry

In a continually changing world, chemists at Maxxam are leaders in the development of analytical methods and services to address the challenges of new and
emerging compounds of concern.


At Maxxam, things are black and white

Maxxam prides itself on providing accurate and defensible data which is why every year, employees are asked to renew their commitment to ethics and integrity. Our 2014 Integrity video brought to life the importance of “doing the right thing”, featuring Maxxam employees speaking about how they live their commitment to ethics and integrity every day at work.

2014 Quality Assurance Statistics

years of QA experience
years of lab experience
QA staff
Internal auditors
Internal audits
External audits

Health & Safety


A letter from our National Director of Quality & Environmental Health & Safety

2014 has seen an encouraging and positive trend for Health & Safety at Maxxam with fewer and fewer people overall getting hurt.

To me it is telling to look at the total number of people hurt not only through the lens of recordable injuries, but also first aid requirements. Our number of first aids continues to drop and is at a record all time low in 2014. We have had less recordable injuries this year as well, with 14 compared to 18 in 2013. The number of lost time accidents and modified work cases has also dropped year over year, showing the recordables we are having are less serious in nature. Our lost time incident rate is the lowest it has ever been in our company’s history. Near hit and hazard identification reporting continues to increase, showing great employee engagement and a strong safety culture that focuses on injury prevention.

Overall my assessment of Maxxam’s 2014 Health & Safety performance is positive and our employees and management team should be proud of the hard work we continue to do and realize it is making a difference. Although we did not meet our target in 2014 for Total Accident Rate, we are on an excellent path heading into 2015 and I am confident the safety culture and foundation we continue to build with our teams each and every day will deliver the results we need over the long term.

Paul Fewer
National Director – Quality & Environmental Health & Safety

2014 Health & Safety Statistics

Lost time accident(s)
Modified work
First aid
Near misses
Total Accident Rate (TAR)
Lost Time Rate (LTR)

Opportunities for employees

Values Award winners demonstrate leadership at Maxxam

For the 11th consecutive year, Maxxam recognized employees from across the country with the annual Maxxam Values Awards, the company’s most prestigious recognition.

This year’s nine recipients represented departments ranging from Laboratory Operations and Customer Service to Quality Assurance and Outsourced Laboratories.

Maxxam Values Award Winners are nominated by their peers for living the company’s four core values of performance, innovation, collaboration and integrity. They are true role models: their colleagues look up to them for their results-driven attitude, their work ethic, and their enthusiasm and positive attitude. Values Award winners help create a corporate culture at Maxxam that drives customer and organizational success.

Celebrating Maxxam’s dedication to diversity

We were awarded with a 2014 Employer Recognition Award for our efforts in creating a more diverse work environment.

As a dedicated partner of the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia (ISS of BC), Maxxam received the 2014 ISS of BC Employer Recognition Award in October 2014. The award recognizes leadership, excellence and commitment in hiring skilled immigrants.

Maxxam is proud of and will continue to foster its diverse work environment with the help of ISS of BC along with other immigrant services societies across the country.

This was Maxxam’s second award recognizing its leadership and innovation in hiring and retaining skilled immigrants. In 2012, Maxxam was named a national winner of the Toronto Star’s “Award for Excellence in Workplace Integration”.

Contributing to our communities

Community support through Maxxam’s Day of Caring program

We’re committed to the communities in which we we live and work. 

2014 proved to be another successful year for Maxxam’s Day of Caring program. The program grants full-time employees one paid day a year to volunteer at a registered charity of their choice. Here is how some of Maxxam’s employees spent their Day of Caring in 2014:

2014 Corporate Giving

donated to Canadian Food Banks through Annual Food Drive
Over $13,000
raised for Canadian children’s charities from NHL Playoff Fundraising campaign
Over $1,000
collected from Interactive holiday greeting donations
Day of Caring hours contributed to our communities

Respecting the environment

Sustainability by the numbers

kg of waste diverted
Electronic devices recycled

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